Tongyu Communication Inc (hereinafter referred to as "Tongyu company") is profoundly aware that product safety directly related to the health and safety of our customers. Tongyu Company has always been insisting the inheritance and practice of product’s safety and execute strict secure standards, devoting to provide our customers with highly secure, stable products and services. The General Manager of our Company, the first responsible person for product safety, formulated following policies, as a guiding for the safety and responsibility of the products in our company.

It’s main contents are as follows:

1.Satisfying the requests of customers, applicable laws and regulations by manufacturing secure products.

2.Safety-based design and thinking is the responsibility of every employee.

3.Prevention-centered and continual improvement for the secure products, accepting the additional time and money costs associated with product safety.

4.The courage to bear the responsibility of product liability, compensating for the third party (product user or other third party) body injury or disease or property damage caused by product defects.

5.The product identification is kept in all the sections of purchasing, manufacturing, testing and shipping, doing operating capacity tests for the product operators and inspectors of key production processes, strictly control the tests of key components’ performance and reliability. Building traceable mechanism of changes and execution of manufacturing procedures.

This policy monitored by the staff, clients and customers of Tongyu Company. As the directly responsible departments of the clients and customers’ feedback on this policy, the email address of Marketing Department and International Marketing Department is [email protected] , This policy will be appropriately updated in accordance with changes of international standards, laws and regulations.



Signature of Chairman of the Board: Johnny?

Release date: 2016-10-31?

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