Tongyu TD-SCDMA smart antenna awarded key breakthroughs tender of 07 Hong Kong - Guangdong key areas key breakthroughs tender

On 07 Dec 2012 Tags news

On December 20, 2007, the Guangdong Provincial key breakthroughs in key areas Joint-Office issued notice: inform the 2007 Hong Kong - Guangdong project key breakthroughs in key areas tender situation. The smart antenna...

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Tongyu Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.--TD-SCDMA smart antenna upgrade and expand production and transfer of functional development, and industrialization projects were included in the 2007 degrees

On 06 Dec 2012 Tags news

To meet the development needs of high-tech industry in our province, and strive to foster emerging and important strategic industries and promote the development of high-tech industries and the technical upgrading of traditional industries,Guangdong...

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Gan County Tiantou Primary School which is Contributed by Tongyu has Settled Down

On 05 Dec 2012 Tags news

Gan County of Jiangxi Province TanTou primary school which is constructed by Tongyu Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd. with donation of 350000 yuan held a completion ceremony? on? December 16, 2007.
Zhonli wu ,the general manager of Tongyu; Bing...

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Leaders from National Development and Reform Committee visit TongYu

On 03 Dec 2012 Tags news

On December 11, 2007, the National Development and Reform Commission of high-tech industries Secretary Chin Hsu, the Director of Information Industry Wuhao accompanied by leaderships of Guangdong Development and Reform Commission, Zhongshan...

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Tongyu was presented as the best services by TD-TECH

On 01 Dec 2012 Tags news

Tongyu was presented as the best services of TD-TECH of year 2007 on the suppliers conference which is celebrated by TD Tech Holding Limited not long ago. It is reported that only three companies were awarded as the best services, and Tongyu is the...

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